Accreditation process and application

It is necessary to meet the evaluation criteria for accreditation.

Business accreditation


EAOBS grants accreditation by default after the entry process and quality control of education. In particular, the contribution of the study program, the quality of educational materials and the professionalism of lecturers are evaluated.

As part of the ongoing accreditation process, the award is always one personal employee for consultation of standards before submitting an application for accreditation of a study program.

Within the scope of accreditation, the institution shall determine a specific study program.
Applications for membership and accreditation of the study are accepted at any time.

How do we evaluate study programs?

Program evaluation

• Framework & Eligibility
• Institutional Integrity, Sustainability & Distinctiveness
• Faculty Quality & Sufficiency
• Programme Design & Leadership
• Competences, Graduate Attributes & Learning Outcomes
• Curriculum Breadth & Depth
• Assessment Rigour & Relevance
• Impact & Lifelong Learning

Who can become a member?


You can be a member as a lecturer or teacher, schools, universities and other educational institutions. Accreditation is granted for one study program.