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for quality education

EAOBS accredits quality business programs across the EU

Association of accredited postgraduate schools and institutions specializing in on-line education.

Presentation of the association

EAOBS (European Association for Online Business Studies) was established with the goal of unifying and ensuring high quality in online management programs and business studies offered by schools and educational institutions across Europe. EAOBS focuses on the oversight and granting of accreditations to European schools, postgraduate schools, and other educational institutions to ensure high standards in online education.

Through thorough evaluation of educational programs and other aspects, EAOBS strengthens trust in online educational programs while simultaneously promoting innovation and collaboration among educational institutions.

Education support

EAOBS also supports the development and sharing of best practices to continuously improve the quality of online education and prepare students for successful careers in a global and competitive environment.​

More than 260 members, schools, and institutions.

Support Program for Education 2022

Special study scholarship program for the EU within the postgraduate education program EC II/22.
EAOBS members can join the educational scholarship program and draw a contribution of up to 50% per student.


Become our members and guarantee quality education for students.
Online verifiable EURO certificate (EEC) for every student of a member school.


Accreditation from the EAOSB evaluates the criteria of the school’s professional competence, the experience of the lecturers and the quality of the teaching materials.

Professional membership association

EAOBS is a professional membership association that focuses on accreditations to educational institutions and their programs. Our mission is to ensure high standards in online education.


EAOBS is a prestigious association that grants accreditation to educational institutions and their educational programs. Our accreditation process is thorough and takes into account various aspects related to the educational institutions.


Graduates of certified study programs receive an international certificate that describes their professional competence, practical experience and knowledge. This document is a valuable asset for getting a job on the international and domestic labor market.

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Why choose EAOBS Association?

Accreditation service for online education

Certification and accreditation from EAOBS provides a guarantee of quality and effective education, as well as access to students and evaluation of educational outcomes. By becoming a member, educational institutions can stay up-to-date with current trends and maintain high standards in teaching.

Educational and Academic Consulting

As part of our association, we offer consultations with experts to ensure appropriate and standardized teaching methods are being used. Our members can take advantage of these resources to enhance their educational programs and provide their students with the best possible learning experience.

Accreditation service

We focus on the strict accreditation of study programs and educational institutions throughout the European Union.

Specialisation on postgraduate education

We specialize in the certification and accreditation of online postgraduate programs in the field of business and management, including MBA, BBA, DBA, and more. We oversee and advise on program design to ensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today's competitive business environment.


Trusted by Teachers and Lecturers

394 Ratings
Graduates Reviews
“I appreciate the approach of the entire EAOBS association, thanks to which we have reached the top of prestige in our country.”
Mariia Sandess
Head of lectors - PMG Institute
“Accreditation from EAOBS has added prestige to our educational institute, attracting new students from all over the world.”
Timmei Johnson
Dean of Master Business Institute